Thursday, May 31, 2018

Last Day of 4th and 2nd Grade

 Everett & his best buddies do a skit in the talent show on the last day of school:

Hands down one of the best!
We love Mrs. Morgan!

Emory's fabulous teacher, Ms. K was voted this year's Teacher of the Year.
Yes, she is that fabulous!

This year is Everett's final year in elementary school; next year he will be in middle school.

Everett's school yearbook page:

We are so proud of your hard work and dedication this year, boys!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Everett's Birthday Party Sleepover!

 Everett invited four of his closest friends over for a night of fun, junk food and celebration!

  We drew names to create teams.  

1 of our game challenges:
Junk in the trunk (game 2);  we laughed so hard.

Game 3 - Architect

Game 6 - Trigger Happy

After 7 VERY exciting challenges,  we awarded "medals" a la Olympic fanfare & ceremony. 

Ev and Brody NARROWLY came out on top capturing GOLD.

 Grayson, Milo & Wolfie just missed capturing gold however they were great sports and gratefully accepted their 2nd place medals. 

3rd place, yet MOST entertaining team of the evening were Emory and Mohammed! 

After the Awards ceremony we turned on the party lights and had an awesome dance party. 

The boys danced to this song a thousand times....  :) 

Just after midnight the boys settled in to sleeping bags and turned on a movie (Disney's Coco). 
The boys shared they had an absolute blast;  I wish we had taken more pictures to capture all the fun we had.  This was so much fun and an awesome group of boys.  I'm already thinking about next year's party. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Celebrating Everett today!


Everett Blake is 10 today!  


Weight - 98 pounds 

Favorite color - New favorite color is GREEN!

Hobbies - 
Vex Robotics, Legos, swimming

A word he over uses: 
Often starts a sentence with "so"
"So, first we need to take this piece off..."

What type of friend is Everett?
Everett is a gentle soul who is kind and loyal to his friends

Grades in school:  
Straight A's this school year.
"Mastered" his Grade Level in  
STAAR Math, Reading & Writing 

Annoying Trait: 
Apologizes for everything, even when he is not at fault.
if there is a TV on, Everett is zoned out and will not focus on anything else.

Shoe size mens 7.5;  Pants - 14,  Shirts - t-shirt Adult S

What he REALLY hates/dislikes
Everett dislikes mushy foods; like Mac &cheese, mashed potatoes, and peas.

Favorite Food
Watermelon, Cheese & mushroom pizza

Favorite Song
N'Sync's "Bye Bye Bye"  :) 

What he REALLY loves
Technology (tv, iphone)

Best day of his life (so far)
Disneyworld this past October

What makes his moms most proud?
He is so polite, kind and a great role model; 
has an adventurous spirit, not afraid to try anything.
Everett is a super role model and friend to his brother 
Dedicated student.

Happy Birthday, Everett 
We are so proud of you and excited to celebrate you today and everyday. 
Love, Mommy, Mama & Emory

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Beach Botz make it to VEX Worlds Competition in Kentucky!

Details soon!

Before the Games begin, there is a Parade of Nations...

If you look closely, you can see Everett carrying the United States flag on the left...

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Going to VEX Robotics Worlds Competition

Everett and Team have earned a spot at the 
2018 VEX Robotics World Championship 
VEX IQ Challenge Middle School Division.  
We will be traveling to Kentucky in a couple of weeks; we are very excited to have this opportunity.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Celebrating Emory Today!

This amazing kid is 8 years old today!


Weight - 77.7 lbs 

Favorite color - teal / aqua

Hobbies - 
READING, Comic books (writing and illustrating), Legos, board games (Clue, Life), 
card games with Grammy, swimming & Cub Scouts.

A word he over uses: 
"LITERALLY!"   (even when it isn't *eye roll*) :-) 

What type of friend is Emory?
 He is an amazing and loyal friend.  
He encourages inclusion and keeping fair play.  
I love that he has a peacemaker's heart. 
Great leader and role model.

Grades in school:  
Straight A's; his grades are routinely 99 or 100! 
He is naturally smart (like his Mom,  Monica, of course) :-p

Annoying Trait: 
Noisy & messy eater; we call him our cookie monster

Shoe size 4 1/2 , Pants - 10, Shirts - M

What he REALLY hates
Injustice and strep throat tests.  

What he REALLY loves
His family, climbing, nature, stuffed animals, books & watermelon

Favorite Food
Watermelon, Cheese pizza

Favorite Music Artists
Billy Joel, Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake

Best day of his life (so far)
Family vacation to Disney World this past Halloween

What makes his moms most proud?
 Emory's kind heart 
 He is the friend that will stick up for you if you are being treated unfairly
He is the boy who will play with you when no one will.
He is the competitor that will challenge you so you improve your game
He is the son who knows how to PUSH MY BUTTONS, but am a better mother because of it. 

Happy Birthday, Emory 
We are so proud of you and excited to celebrate you today. 
Love, Mommy, Mama & Everett

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Emory's First Musical Production - The Addams Family

This experience was brutal for our family's already busy schedule.  Committing to this production was the cause of many arguments, many tears, hours of practice, robbed our nights, weekends and holiday breaks, but without a doubt a wonderful experience for Emory and the end result made it all worth it for us all. I'm certain we will do it all over again next year. 

 Emory was in the Featured chorus (soldier ancestor) the Addams ancestors, who range from a caveman to flight attendant. The ancestors are raised from the dead once a year and in the musical take a interest in helping the Addams Family work out its issues.

 Emory knew part of the role required theatre make-up, which he has never been a fan of, not even on  Halloween.  The make-up is thick and very oily, similar to Desitin diaper crème.  

 Seems after the third night of make-up he adjusted just fine and even figured out how to transfer make-up scars on his face to his hands to make additional scars.

Emory appears on stage and dances/sings behind Morticia:

At intermission the actors hit the auditorium to sell raffle tickets.  After all, who can say 'no' to these faces:  

 Emory is directly behind 'Gomez' on the right.

Emory is just off center at the top:

Deona and I had been so looking forward to last night's closing performance and getting back to our regular schedules. The final performance was bittersweet for us all.  
We have enjoyed watching Emory develop a love for singing and dancing on stage and I believe this experience has given him a better attitude in general. Both he and Everett are already talking about trying out for next year's production.